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Slow motion destruction of jars

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   Custom  Funeral Urns

  We can make a custom funeral Urn for you or your loved one of a favorite place or meaningful site to store your ashes in. Some of the jars have small built in lights ( 7-15 watts ) that light up the memorial urn. Other jars are easily  lit from above with a spot light. The ashes are stored below and can be sealed in with a plug provided. Below are a few examples ready now. Please email if interested in one of the urns or a custom unique urn of your own,

Garden tomb Jerusalem  ( tomb of Jesus )

7-17-2020c 023d.jpg

Medieval Cathedral looking scene with  real melted crushed glass in window for a amazing color effect.

07-17-2020 011.JPG

Medival castle looking hallway with melted crushed glass in window . Has a built in light ( 7 watt) that is easy to change. The ashes are stored in the area below the floor and behind the left wall and sealed with a lid hidden inside.

07-18-2020 013best.jpg